Administrative and organizational structure of the college

Board of trustees

It is the highest regulatory body and it is responsible for setting policies, guidelines and general planning of the college.

College council

The council is responsible for the implementation of all policies and planning in various fields.

Education council

The education council supervises the education affairs of the teaching staff, research studies and publishing.

Administration offices

  • Dean office
  • Education affairs office
  • Administration affairs office
  • Secretary office
  • Examination office

The college council administration seeks to increase specialization and connect with external universities Inshallah in the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different disciplines according to local needs through distance learning. In addition, adding courses, specialization or departments is as per the needs of the college, this first must be done by the college administration then the Ministry of Higher Education of Kenya will add this program or section to the registration certificate of the college according to the regulations in force in the ministry.