About Us

Al Irfan International College is a private college established in 2012 in the city of Garissa the capital of the North Eastern province of Kenya. It is registered as a college under the Ministry of Higher Education for science and Technology under the number MOHES/PC/1967/2013. It is a brain child of the Al Irfan Islamic Institute which was established in 2001 and the institute is composed of primary, preparatory and secondary levels, which teach Islamic education, Arabic language, science and social studies in Arabic. In addition the institute teaches computer, Swahili and English languages.

The institute’s teachers are composed of Two Teachers from Al Azhar Mission from Egypt who are teaching Arabic language and Islamic ethics other teachers are from Kenya and Sudan. Every year at least 50 student’s boys and girls graduate from secondary school. The institutes’ graduates would secure university studies in Sudan, Uganda, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. However, this does not preclude the need of the people of the region for higher education, which it necessary to establish a local college to enable them to continue their higher education.

We aim to Promote and develop the students abilities in the religious, intellectual, cultural and religious areas.